• Capes

    Glitterwitch offers a unique line of hand made Tariah Moondragon capes for all occasions, casual or ceremonial. The Cape Shop will be available soon.

  • Glycerin Spell Soaps

    Glitterwitch Glycerin Spell Soaps are available online in the Soap Shop. Formulated using essential oils and fragrances, they are created with a specific intention in mind. Ideal for ritual cleansing or for any special occasion.

  • New Moon Ritual

    The New Moon Ritual is available online by annual subscription or single viewing. You can find the details on the Ritual page.

Capes & Clothing

The Glitterwitch line of original hand made capes will be available soon in the Cape Shop. They can be used for formal ritual or casual settings. Read More

Glycerin Spell Soaps

Hand made soaps make a uniquely personal gift. Glycerin Spell Soaps are available in the Soap Shop. Find the scent for your intention. Read More

New Moon Ritual

Each month the New Moon Ritual is available online. Learn more about the New Moon Ritual and get your annual subscription. Read More

Upcoming Events

Watch the for the latest news on the Glitterwitch Blog. Glitterwitch products are sold frequently at events in Southern California. Read More